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My First Month as a Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Kevin Lann
Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing Advisor at ACC Space – @LeaseOrInvest

My first week working as a commercial real estate agent was a mix bag of emotions. The feelings of ambition, confusion, and support; were equally humbling and exciting all at the same time. Through all the smoke and mirrors, I ended up learning a lot, much of which was not in my real estate course. I will forever remember the three things I took away in my first week as a commercial real estate advisor.

Point 1: Align yourself with the proper team.

There is a poem called “The Bridge Builder” by Will Allen Dromgoole that has stuck with me for years and was relative to my own situation. The poem is about an old man that crosses a wide river. When he safely makes it to the other side, he turns around to build a bridge. A pilgrim asks him why he builds the bridge in his old age. The old man responds by saying he is building it for the future youth.

My team at ACC Space gave me the tools, guidance, and support I needed to be successful. They are paving the way for my transition to be smoother than theirs. With their knowledge and expertise in the field, they are giving me a bridge to help me achieve my goals. Greatness isn’t achieved by single person, but a group of people that helped pave the way before them.

Point 2: Canvas – do not get comfortable at your desk.

As humans, we tend to choose pleasure over pain. Growth does not come from being comfortable, but from experiences of diversity. For me, sitting behind a desk cam get very comfortable. Getting into the field, meeting new people, seeing new properties, and finding new leads “feels” more difficult. If I sat behind a desk all day, I would be limiting my potential. I know that putting myself into uncomfortable situations will pay higher dividends, of growth and success.

Point 3: Scheduling, Scheduling, & Scheduling

In this industry, no two days are the same. It is important to schedule your time to maximize your efficiency. There are many different facades a real estate agent has to adhere to: prospecting, cold calling, canvassing, showings, brandings, ect. All of these activities will take up a significant portion of your day. Therefore, I set a specific amount time I will spend on each activity. Everyone’s medium will be different, but you have to figure out what works for you. I am still figuring out my medium; however, I am sure I will find my balance soon. You will feel yourself get pulled in all different directions. Be a horse with blinders and try to stick to your schedule.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or need some guidance on how to kick start the first 30 days of your commercial real estate career, feel free to reach out to me. Do not worry, feeling nervous means you care. The bridge was built for my journey. Let me help bridge the way for yours.